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ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 6L,
7L and 8L Test Questions and Answers

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ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 7L Test Questions and Answers

ICBC British Columbia Class 6 Motorcycle Licence Knowledge Test Practice Questions


Get Your B.C. Motorcycle Licence Fast!

Do You Want to Pass the ICBC Motorcycle Knowledge Test and Get Your Class 6 Motorcycle Licence on Your First Attempt?

Then You Need to Practice the Test Online, Because More Than Half Who Write the Learner's Licence Test Fail on the First Try !

Do not waste your time by waiting in long lines at a Driver Licencing Office and failing. Practice ALL test questions online before you go & write the ICBC test - and pass on your first attempt! Remember - if you fail, you must wait at least 1 business day to re-write the Knowledge Test.

All motorcycle test questions & answers are always up-to-date and organized in groups of 40, just like the Official ICBC motorcycle written test. We keep score as you practice, so you know how well you will do!

Use the quickest and easiest method to acquire your B.C. motorcycle licence and choose PassTheWheel to begin riding today! Only 14.95.

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PassTheWheel provides you with online practice test questions which mimic the types of questions you will be asked when writing your ICBC Class 6 Motorcycle Learner's Licence knowledge test.

B.C. motorcycle licence online practice test questions & answers are always updated, which means you don't have to worry about missing questions pertaining to recent changes to driving laws.

Do You Know? Statistics have shown that more than 50% of all persons taking the ICBC knowledge test fail on the first attempt?

When you sign-up now and practice the test questions online, you have the knowledge & confidence to pass the ICBC motorcycle written test on your first try!

Only $14.95. Unlimited access to practice all Knowledge Test questions for 1 month. Practice anytime, anywhere, 24-7.

Students may register and pay their PassTheWheel fee through their local high school. A minimum of 10% of this fee can be provided back to your local British Columbian high school.*

By now, we've helped thousands pass their ICBC Motorcycle Licence Knowledge Test in British Columbia!

Get Started and practice written Class 6 motorcycle learner's test questions Today!

Not convinced? Take a look at the advantages of using PassTheWheel's ICBC Motorcycle Knowledge Test...

PassTheWheel provides you with a myriad of practice questions and permutations that will help you pass the Official Class 6 motorcycle learner's test with ease! Our unique testing methodology helps promote learning and memory retention. We provide the very best solution to help you prepare for the B.C. motorcycle licence knowledge test, while also ensuring that you clearly understand the rules.

Before you sign-up, try the Free ICBC Motorcycle Knowledge Test Sample Practice Questions.

How to Pass the Written Exam?

Obtain a copy of the ICBC driving manuals from your local Driver Licencing Office, or view the RoadSense for Riders Handbook online. Whether you're just turning 16 years of age, or are an adult, you can start preparing for the ICBC motorcycle Knowledge Test at any time! Study the rules thoroughly, and then test yourself by practicing on PassTheWheel.com to prepare yourself for the Official written test at any ICBC Driver Licencing Office.

Now, are you ready to take the first step to pass the exam on your first try?

Get Started and practice written Class 6 motorcycle learner's test questions Today!

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