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Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online M1 Test Questions and Answers
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Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online G1 Test Questions and Answers

Sample M1 Practice Test

This Free Driver's Exam Sample Test offers 5 Road Rule questions and 5 Road Sign questions

Registered users are provided a full spectrum of questions divided into two categories - Road Rules and Road Signs - and you can practice all questions, as many times as you wish, for one month - with no limitations.

PassTheWheel.com has developed a proven driver's testing methodology that is unlike any other and is used by thousands across the country! All questions are provided in multiple-choice format, just like the official exam. You are able to practice questions in either: sequential order, random order, or both! We also randomize the possible answers within each question. You get it all - for only $14.95.

Like anything we learn, perfect practice makes perfect.

Some people elect to simply write the test because they were told, by a friend or through an online resource, it's easy and just common sense. You need to know that is true - sometimes.

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The government test is by no means the same for everyone. Depending on your testing format, printed page or computerized, either way there are many versions or variation to what test questions you receive.

Will Your Test be EASY or HARD?

This is an impossible question to answer. We do know people who proclaim the test is easy are only speaking about their specific version of the test.

Because a person passes easily, and they tell you it's easy, doesn't mean your test will be the same. This is why so many people fail their knowledge test. Remember, there is no government anywhere in Canada or USA that produces one version of their driver's knowledge test. If that were true, everyone would pass!

What we do is provide you with the knowledge to pass the written test on your first attempt. You can trust us to help you pass and get your licence.

Road Rules - Ontario M1 Free Sample Test Questions

Ontario M1 Sample Test Questions

Road Signs - Ontario M1 Free Sample Test Questions

Ontario M1 Sample Test Questions

Ontario G1
Practice Test Questions
Ontario G1 Practice Test Questions
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