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ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 6L,
7L and 8L Test Questions and Answers

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ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 7L Test Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many questions does PassTheWheel provide?

PassTheWheel prides itself on the quality of questions as it pertains to the Official written tests. There are two methods in which you can test yourself.

The first method would be to receive almost every possible question, which you would try to memorize. This method, in our study, failed because it was shown to be mostly information overload. The second method is based upon the likelihood of a question to be asked on the Official test. This method proved to provide the highest possible success rate in passing the Official test on the first try. PassTheWheel provides you with study questions based on the second method.

We can tell you that we provide in excess of 150 questions, and the total number of questions is dependent on your location. We do not provide an exact number as questions are frequently reviewed and updated as rules change.

In our opinion, the questions provided on PassTheWheel give you, the User, the best odds of passing on your first try. With our system of study, you receive 1-month of unlimited access to our testing strategy. There are no additional charges whatsoever for any aspect of study. We do not charge for the number of times you study or practice. It is PassTheWheel's philosophy to provide unrestricted access to continual study. As the old adage states - practice makes perfect.

2.How long will it take to have access to the practice tests once I register online?

Access to test questions and answers is instant. Once your payment is processed and verified, PassTheWheel creates and activates your account. Your Username and Password will be displayed on the screen and is also e-mailed to you for future reference. You will need to use this information each time you logon to gain access to our services.

3.Does PassTheWheel.com store my credit card information?

PassTheWheel.com does not store credit card numbers. We pass your credit card information through to TD Online Mart Services over a secure system using an SSL Certificate.

4.Does PassTheWheel.com automatically renew the Service?

No. Because we do not store credit card numbers, it is not possible to automatically renew the Service. In order to renew or extend your subscription, you will need to login with your Username and Password.

5.What types of learners licence knowledge test (written test) practice tests are currently provided through PassTheWheel.com?

Drivers written practice tests and drivers knowledge practice tests are provided for the following regions:

Drivers test exams in Canada:

Alberta: Class 7 driver's and Class 6 motorcycle

British Columbia: Class 7L learner's and Class 6 motorcycle

Ontario: G1, M1 motorcycle, AZ/DZ truck licence, and air brake 'Z' endorsement

Drivers test DMV permit exams in U.S.A.:

California: Class C permit

6.Does PassTheWheel provide an off-line version of their service?

No. We are strictly an online service provider. This allows our customers (past and present) to have access to the most updated information about driving in your region.

7.Does PassTheWheel disclose any information it collects via registration, "Tell-a-Friend" or any other method?

PassTheWheel does not sell, trade or rent personal information to others. Should our policy ever change, we will inform you and ask for your permission before sharing any information.

Should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer, we will co-operate fully and supply the requested details.

8.Does PassTheWheel SPAM e-mail their service?

No. PassTheWheel does not spam e-mail our services. However, we do however provide a means for users and visitors to our site to notify others of the existence of our online service. PassTheWheel does not store e-mail addresses for the purpose of spamming.

9.Forgot your password?

On the Login page,there is a link called "Forgot Password?". Click the link and you will be directed to a page that asks you for your e-mail address. Enter your e-mail address (the same e-mail address used when registering) and your password will be e-mailed to you.

10.What are cookies? How do I enable them?

We use cookies to store information needed for our site to function properly. Find out how to enable cookies for your web browser here

11.I get error messages while doing practice tests

Clearing your "Cookies"

Every time you visit a new site there is a possibility that a cookie is deposited on your computer. A cookie can be required to track certain information about the user and other settings needed to run some online applications such as games or online tools. Each web browser mentioned below allows cookies, but may only function correclty in ideal conditions. Once your system has reached its maximum storable cookie value, then new sites will display error messages. This is because there is no more room to store temporary cookies from PassTheWheel. The result will be error messages during testing. You can correct this issue by following these steps in one of these supported browsers:

Click on the following Menu item labelled along the top of your browser window and within the new window that opens: Tools
Internet Options
In the General tab, click on "Delete" or "Delete Cookies"
Ensure that "Cookies" checkbox is checked and click "OK" or "Delete" to delete all Cookies
It is a good idea to periodically clear all cached data from within your browsers General Tab

Click on the following Menu item labelled along the top of your browser window and within the new window that opens: Tools
Click "Clear Now" under Private Data
Ensure that "Cookies" checkbox is checked and click "Clear Private Data Now"
It is a good idea to periodically clear all cached data by clicking on "Clear All"

Click on the following Menu item labelled along the top of your browser window and within the new window that opens: Customize and Control Google Chrome (Wrench icon)
Personal Stuff
Under Browsing Data, click "Clear Browsing Data"
Ensure "Delete cookies" is checked and "Clear data from this period" is set to "Everything", then click "Clear Browsing Data"
It is a good idea to periodically clear all cached data

Click on the following Menu item labelled along the top of your browser window and within the new window that opens:
Show Cookies
Remove All
It is a good idea to periodically clear all cookie data

12.Why is PassTheWheel support not available by phone?

In order to keep costs down for customers, we have elected to provide e-mail support only. Our Support Staff is available 7 days a week via e-mail and our response time is generally less than four (4) hours. The blackout period during which we do not provide a response within 4 hours is between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. EST (GMT-0500).

13.Why do the same 5 or 10 test questions keep appearing?

You need to be a registered user to have access to our full spectrum of test questions. If you are a registered user, you will need to login with your Username and Password.

BC (ICBC) Class 7L Practice Test Questions
BC (ICBC) Class 7L Practice Test Questions