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Class D Test Practice Methodology

Why have thousands before you chosen PassTheWheel to help them pass the driver's Class D written test? It's because of our practice methodology - it simply works.

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In general, there are only a few methods of practicing for the Class D written or knowledge portion of your driver's licence learner's permit.

Reading the Official Handbook
Cheat sheet
Multiple-choice on paper
Multiple-choice online with PassTheWheel

Reading the Official Handbook:
This method only holds a passing rate of 23-50% on the first attempt. Reading the book has more to do with memory retention and trying to figure out what might be included in the exam. This is the most stressful and least effective in passing the written test on your first visit.

Cheat sheet:
Using a cheat sheet provides the same general result as reading the handbook. This method can result in information overload as it provides only questions and answers. How questions and answers are worded on the Official test is an important factor in knowing and selecting the right answer. Cheat sheets do not prepare you for when you see 2 or more answers that could be correct.

This is a better method of practice for the Official knowledge exam.Odds of passing on the first visit using this method increase by 10-15% over reading only the Driver's Handbook.

Multiple-choice online with PassTheWheel:
Questions are displayed in random order. Possible answers for each individual question are also displayed in random order. You will find that this helps you to fully understand the questions and answers, instead of memorizing.

As an added benefit, PassTheWheel also provides questions in "sequential" format, so you can cycle through each and every road rule and road sign question. The thousands who have used our system know that our testing methods provide the best testing and knowledge retention methodology available.

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