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Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online M1 Test Questions and Answers
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Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online G1 Test Questions and Answers

Program for Schools

Developing a partnership with PassTheWheel Inc. (PassTheWheel.com & PassTheWheel.ca) provides value to both the school and student.

Value for Student
The student is given a place where he or she can practice for the written portion of their drivers test. PassTheWheel Inc. has assembled a wide array of questions that test the student thoroughly on both the rules of the road and traffic signs. By practicing on PassTheWheel, the student improves their odds of passing the first time. Documented statistics have shown that over 50% of persons taking their written test fail the first time. We don't want your students to become part of that statistic.

Value for School
The driver education program provided through your local school board requires the successful completion of the M1 written exam as a prerequisite. PassTheWheel.com provides help for the student in passing their M1 written test. After the student has successfully completed their M1 written exam, they are ready for the school board provided driver's training course.

When the parent registers their young adult, they will also be asked to select a secondary school from a list of schools. If the parent selects their young adult's secondary school, they are in fact stating they wish 10% of their fee to be allocated to your school. The school will receive a minimum of 10% of the signup fee, depending on how many registrants select their school during signup. More details of our promotional program are outlined below.

In return, the school is asked to promote, where appropriate, the use of PassTheWheel in order to achieve the maximum rebate for your school.

Yearly Rebate Number of Registrants
per Calendar Year
10%** Up to 100
15%** Between 101 and 150
20%** 151 or more
**Before taxes

As a simple example of potential revenue based on the 10% rebate:

100 students enrol for one month @ $14.95
(100 x $14.95) x 10% = $149.50

As a simple example of potential revenue based on the 15% rebate:

117 students enrol for one month @ $14.95
(117 x $14.95) x 15% = $262.37

As a simple example of potential revenue based on the 20% rebate:

193 students enrol for one month @ $14.95
(193 x $14.95) x 20% = $577.07

Another example of potential revenue based on the 20% rebate:

1000 students/family/friends enrol @ $14.95 in a given calendar year.
(1000 x $14.95) x 20% = $2,990.00
(PassTheWheel Inc. will provide your school with a cheque for this amount)

This site is not only for young adults attending your school, but also for family and friends who also wish to start the process of driver's education. The more individuals who register and select your school the more the school will earn. The process is simple:

  1. Complete the registration form below. (SCHOOL OFFICIALS ONLY)
  2. You will be contacted by PassTheWheel to confirm your registration
  3. Review available online promotional content that can be printed locally or copied and pasted into your documents
  4. The more opportunities you use to promote PassTheWheel improves your schools chances of generating greater revenue
  5. Passthewheel Inc. will process payment to each registered school on a once yearly basis

Four to six weeks after the January 1, PassTheWheel Inc. will commence distribution of rebate cheques for the previous calendar year.

Allow PassTheWheel Inc. to become part of your local community by supporting us, as we support your school.

*Required fields
Select Your Province and Go To the Rebate Registration Form


Ontario G1
Practice Test Questions
Ontario G1 Practice Test Questions