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Driver Exams
  Passenger Vehicle
Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online G1 Test Questions and Answers
ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 7L Test Questions and Answers
Alberta Learners License Exam Practice Online Class 7 Test Questions and Answers
  Motorcycle, Moped, Scooter
Ontario Learners License Exam Practice Online M1 Test Questions and Answers
ICBC Learners License Exam Practice Online BC Class 6L,
7L and 8L Test Questions and Answers

Alberta Learners License Exam Practice Online Class 7 Test Questions and Answers
DMV Permit Exams
  Passenger Vehicle
California DMV Permit License Exam Practice Online Class C Test Questions and Answers

Driver Testimonials

Canada driver's license practice knowledge tests


USA driver's license DMV permit practice knowledge tests


Driver Testimonials - Alberta Class 7 Learners for Class 5 Driver's Licence

"Am so greatful for this site, i practiced for only one week and i sat my exams which i passed very well, all the questions i practiced appeared in the exam. Thanks guys, i now have my driving licence."
     - Henrie M., Cochrane, AlbertaJanuary 22, 2011

"Before my best friend told me about your site, I failed twice. Then I signed up with passthewheel and practiced everyday. I took the class 7 driver's test and passed! I don't know what i would've done without you. Thank you!! I am going to recommend this site to all my high-school friends!"
     - Rebecca L., St. Albert, Alberta

"Amazing! I passed my knowledge test in the first attempt. I highly recommend it. It's really useful site. Thanks to passthewheel."
     - Gina A., Edmonton, AlbertaAugust 21, 2009

"Great job! I passed the test because I practiced many times on your website. I went through each set of questions until I got perfect everytime. It really helped me. Thank you!"
     - Mohammed K., Banff, Alberta

"I paid the fee, practiced the class 7 learner's questions on the site, and got amazing results on the actual written test. Thank you for helping me get my drivers licence!"
     - Paul H., Calgary, Alberta

"Thanks for your help. I passed the class 7 test."
     - Michael S., High River, AlbertaApril 19, 2010

"Hello, I registered for my son and he practiced the class 7 test many times on your site and he pass on first try. He got perfect! I will recommend this to all my friends and relatives."
     - Wang H., Edmonton, Alberta

"I was a bit nervous at first. I heard the test was hard because a few of my friends failed their first time. But I just wanted to let you guys know I got perfect on my class 7 Learners test. Thanks!"
     - Amanda P., Red Deer, Alberta

Testimonials - Alberta Class 6 Motorcycle Practice Exam

Michael V., Edmonton, Alberta

"Thank you so much for all your help. I subscribed to pass the wheel with the objective of what type of questions to expect on the written motorcycle exam. The test questions are very similar, to what i took on the test today. I passed on my first try. If not for your help i would have failed on the first try. Thank you again."
     - Michael V., Edmonton, AlbertaJanuary 14, 2012

"I wrote my class 6 and failed miserably, found your website and went 25/26 the very next day. Thank you!"
     - Timothy F., Edgerton, AlbertaSeptember 10, 2011

"Just like to thank you guys/gals, at pass the wheel. I just wrote my test and passed with flying colors."
     - Clayton B., Edmonton, AlbertaSeptember 20, 2011

"Thank you so much - best money I ever spent - being this was my first time riding a motorcycle, passing tests made me nervous, but i practiced for only a few days and it gave me the confidence to pass first time - I scored 86% not bad for a 60 year old."
     - Terry V., Beiseker, AlbertaMay 9, 2012

"I practiced a few times on passthewheel and I was ready to roll. Test was easy thanks to you guys."
     - Navid A., Lethbridge, Alberta

"Got good news... I passed! It felt like I had already written the test... LoL. The practice questions on the site were soooo similar to the real thing. Well done... I give this site a 10/10."
     - Samantha F., Edmonton, Alberta

"I purchased this product for my daughter and I just wanted you guys to know that she passed her test. She told me she got one question wrong, but the rest of the test was a breeze. Thanks for this great service."
     - Denise D., Calgary, Alberta

"Fantastic! Passed the test with no incorrect answers. Your service definitely is worth the price and helps with the study. There were questions on the exam about threshold braking that was not addressed in your prep exams, other than that the study exams covered everything."
     - Rick M., Chilliwack, British ColumbiaDecember 8, 2009

"Thank you so much! I wrote the exam and passed on my first try. Your class 6 motorcycle questions helped me a lot. Thank you."
     - Karen L., Medicine Hat, Alberta

Driver Testimonials - British Columbia ICBC Class 7L for Class 5 Driver's Licence

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed the written drivers test with no problems. Thanks for the help!! Keep up the good work."
     - Linda C., Richmond, British Columbia

"I'm usually not impressed by websites claiming to be the "be-all" to "end-all". You're obviously in business to help people pass and you're worth it. Great Job."
     - Peter K., Coquitlam, British Columbia

"Your sequential testing help me to make sure I got tested on every question. Your random testing help me to make sure I was not just memorizing. Your site made the ICBC test easy. I think I was done in less than 15 minutes. Thx"
     - Kenny T., Burnaby, British Columbia

"Took the class 7L written test and passed. Nice website."
     - Gulpreet S., North Vancouver, British Columbia

"After reading the ICBC Driver's book and practicing on their site I was still worried. Passthewheel.com testing was perfect and I'm glad my friend recommended you."
     - Clair P., Abbotsford, British Columbia

"My cousin used your site and passed her 7L knowledge test the first time. Your testing method is the BEST by far. I also passed the first time. Thank you."
     - Penny K., Langley, British Columbia

"I read icbc roadsense for drivers manual, practiced with their practice test and most of the questions were completely different or there are many different versions of the test and I didn't make the cut. Your site provided the perfect mix and I passed. I've recommended you to my friends."
     - Kim N., Surrey, British Columbia

"I took the class 7l knowledge test and got perfect. Thank you very much!! Your practice questions helped me out alot."
     - David Y., Vancouver, British Columbia

"It is an effective and useful practice test."
     - Morteza F., West Vancouver, British ColumbiaDecember 11, 2009

Testimonials - British Columbia ICBC Class 6 Motorcycle Practice Knowledge Exam

Richard O., Victoria, British Columbia

   "I wish to thank you for providing such a fantastic service. I was skeptical at first when I first came upon the site and read statements made. But I decided to give it a try anyway. I am very happy to say I was able to pass my motorcycle learners, class 6, knowledge test on the first try.
   After studying the handbook and then using your site to prepare myself for the test, I was able to pass the test on the first try and even managed to get 100% on the test. I credit the testing on Pass the Wheel for making the process less stressful and getting me ready to write the knowledge test. Thank you for all you do to help us prepare for the test!!"
     - Richard O., Victoria, British ColumbiaMay 18, 2011

"I signed up with PassTheWheel to prepare for the B.C. motorcycle knowledge test. I ended up getting an actual score of 97%! It's an easy way to test yourself on the material in the book and to feel confident that you'll pass."
     - Martin G., Burnaby, British ColumbiaMay 5, 2011

Martin G., Burnaby, British Columbia

"After riding on the back for 30 years I decided it was time to take my turn in the driver seat. Thank you so much! This was so helpful! I passed my learners test with flying colors! Now I can't wait to take the motorcycle safety course and get riding. I have already told friends about you and will certainly recommend you to more. Cheers!"
     - Lynne J., Comox, British ColumbiaFebruary 17, 2011

"Just took my motorcycle knowledge test and passed. Found your site very helpful."
     - My N., Victoria, British ColumbiaFebruary 24, 2012

"You made my class 6 learners knowledge test easy. Anyone can pass with your site. Cheers."
     - Lanny B., Kelowna, British Columbia

"I aced the test thanks to you guys. Highly recommended."
     - Jamal H., Vancouver, British Columbia

"The ICBC motorcycle test was difficult the first 2 times. Then I used your site to practice and I passed. Now onto the road tests, wish me luck."
     - Serina T., Saanich, British Columbia

"I went for the class 6 learners test yesterday and I got perfect. I wish I had knew about this site last year when I went for my class 7L, it wouldnt have made my life so much easier. Good site. A++++ "
     - Brent F., Victoria, British Columbia

"Thanks for your well-prepared review questions - it helped me pass my Class 6L!"
     - Roger K., Vancouver, British ColumbiaSeptember 4, 2012

"I passed the Motor bike test first try - this site differently prepared me for the test - money well spent - Thanks"
     - Pavle K., Vancouver, British ColumbiaFebruary 18, 2013

Driver Testimonials - Ontario G1 Practice Test

I went to the driver examination centre today. My score was 20/20. I was in and out in a brief moment. Exam gal behind the counter was shocked at how fast I did the written test. This is all because of "pass the wheel" training program. Many thanks and I will be passing this along to fellow drivers. I will see you soon in 2021.
     - Darrel B., April 21, 2016

David I., Dundas, Ontario

"I have just passed the Ontario Seniors driving test for the third time; all of them with maximum scores. I attribute this astonishing geriatric success entirely to PassTheWheel. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and congratulations on making what I would have thought totally impossible once, possible several times."
     - David I., Dundas, OntarioApril 14, 2011

"I wish to inform you that I have passed the test with flying colours. Thanks for your wonderful, educative programme."
     - Helen M., Ottawa, OntarioAugust 31, 2010

Helen M., Ottawa, Ontario

Sylvie D., Scarborough, Ontario

"I did my G1 written test today, and thanks to this program I only got 3 wrong. Now can do my G2, as I have been driving for 10 yrs."
     - Sylvie D., Scarborough, OntarioMay 29, 2012

I tried Pass The Wheel and couldn't complain it was worth it I passed the Class 7 test this morning I will recommend this site to anyone.
     - Lona P, OntarioFebruary 8, 2015

"My wife passed 100% first try. Your system is far superior to any other methods. Thanks a lot!"
     - Ivanhoe B., London, OntarioApril 23, 2010

"Thank you for this program. It helped a lot. Today I decided to go and have my G1 written test. I have passed with 39 from 40. Hopefully many people have the knowledge of your site and purchases the program. Thank you again."
     - Izabella M., Etobicoke, OntarioApril 9, 2010

"I just got my drivers licence in Ontario, after various failed attempts in the written test. The site is very good. The sample questions were very similar to the ones in the actual test. Thanks a lot!!"
     - Angelica M., Vanier, OntarioMarch 6, 2010

"Best site in the world to practice for your license. It helped me so much. Thank you Passthewheel!!"
     - Brent B., Hornepayne, OntarioApril 27, 2009

"I took your online course and i passed the test on my very first time with no mistakes. The questions on the test were almost identical to the ones on your website. Thanks alot!"
     - Yuriy H., Toronto, OntarioJanuary 4, 2009

"This site is excellent. The tests ensured that nothing on the G1 test was a surprise. I finished quickly (with only one error!) and, more importantly, with confidence. The practice also really helped me understand the really important information and to apply it to real-world driving situations, versus the rather tedious memory work I was attempting with the G1 book before. I feel quite certain I would not have passed without this site. Thank you."
     - Jenny K., Toronto, OntarioMay 21, 2006

"I love your program!"
     - Rochelle H., Scarborough, OntarioJanuary 26, 2011

"This is an excellent site!! I am so glad that I found it. My daughter was having some trouble writing her driving test and we found this site! PassTheWheel was a great asset to her!! She can now go and test herself at her leisure. Thank you for thinking of it!"
     - Cathy R., Sudbury, OntarioJune 25, 2006

"Thanks to this practice testing, my 78 yr. old Mom has passed her written test. I will tell all my senior friends about this web site. It has been a great confidence booster for my very nervous Mom. Thank you so much!"
     - Mary C., Mississauga, OntarioSeptember 29, 2006

"I just went and got my G1 three days ago. I finished the testing in less than 10 minutes and I passed with a perfect score! Thank you so much."
     - Merric P., Gravenhurst, OntarioApril 19, 2007

"I took the online course it was helpful i did the test i finished in no time and i got every one right, thanks a million!"
     - Brenda L., Toronto, OntarioJune 1, 2009

"I passed the G1 first try many people I know tried a couple times. Thanks for the help. :)"
     - Leona B., Hamilton, OntarioAugust 5, 2010

"I failed my first written test, but when I enrolled with you, within a couple days, I rewrote it and passed. Much thanks and I am now preparing for my G2 road test."
     - Anette K., Toronto, OntarioSeptember 20, 2010

"I signed up to PassTheWheel three weeks ago for G1 test. I am very pleased to inform you that with the practice provided, I was able to pass the G1 exam last week. Keep up the good work. It helped me a lot."
     - Sanubar R., Burlington, Ontario

"Thanks for your help. She practiced - she passed. And she used a computer for the first time in her life - at 82!"
     - Jason V., Toronto, Ontario

"Your G1 driver's education program helped me pass the written test. The online practice exam questions was like the real test."
     - Kenneth N., Barrie, Ontario

"Your online driver testing makes it fun and easy to study for the real exam. Taking the test was a breeze."
     - Joseph I., Niagara Falls, Ontario

"Yes, I did pass my written drivers test. I had one wrong out of forty. I did about 25 practice tests. Thank you."
     - Gordon P., Kingston, OntarioMarch 9, 2013

Testimonials - Ontario M1 Motorcycle Practice Test

Tina C., Williamsburg, Ontario

"Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service, I passed my M1 written test on the first try & the majority of the other people writing the M1/G1 were told they failed.

Fourteen years ago I was a victim of a hit & run suffering a brain injury. Besides memory problems, I was informed that I would not be able to write tests/exams if there were any distractions whatsoever...they were absolutely wrong. Due to the excellent preparation received by Pass The Wheel practice tests I was able to pass the test on the first try, thank you very much."
     - Tina C., Williamsburg, OntarioMay 25, 2010

Aurelio S., Hamilton, Ontario"Great site passed my M1 with only 1 wrong. Spent only 2 days practicing the tests and was able to retain the information quite easily. The site outlined the 3 tests required for the M1, which the Motorcycle handbook was not clear about. The 3 tests are Motorcycle questions, Signs and G1 road rules. The motorcycle handbook only covers the motorcycle questions, so if I hadn't joined the site, I would not have known to study the Signs and G1 road rules. I highly recommend this site to anyone considering writing their written test for any motor vehicle."
     - Aurelio S., Hamilton, OntarioMarch 17, 2011

Sherry K., Clifford, Ontario

"I signed up for the M1 licence practise test last month. This is a great site, very helpful. I went today and wrote the test for my M1 and passed. I will recommend this site to my all friends. Very helpful!"
     - Sherry K., Clifford, OntarioMay 10, 2010

Adam S., Ottawa, Ontario"I bought your product and studied all the questions in preparation for the M1 written test. I took the test today and got every question right ! The questions were almost identical ! Thank you very much for helping me out !"
     - Adam S., Ottawa, OntarioApril 10, 2012

Janet A., Trenton, Ontario

"I would like to say that your tests were excellent and I did indeed pass my test on the first try."
     - Janet A., Trenton, OntarioMarch 19, 2013

"I bought your product and studied all the questions in preparation for the M1 written test. I took the test today and got every question right ! The questions were almost identical ! Thank you very much for helping me out !"
     - Adam S., Ottawa, OntarioApril 10, 2012

"My sister and my brother in-law wrote the test and failed a few times. I did the prep tests (that you provide) 2 days before going to write the test, and passed with 100%. Worth the money!!! Thanks!!"
     - Esther M., Ottawa, OntarioMay 6, 2010

"Great web site! I passed my M1 on the first try. The practice questions were spot on!"
     - Kenneth C., Toronto, OntarioFebruary 26, 2011

"I just took M1 Ontario test (today) after signing up with passthewheel.com yesterday and I passed with flying colours. I got 22/24, 20/20 and 20/20. I could not have done it without your website! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!"
     - Anonymous*, Toronto, OntarioJune 9, 2010

"I just wanted to express my contentment with your site! I'm a G class licensed driver who has been licensed for 18 years already. I decided to get my motorcycle license. With the help of your site and 1 day of practice, I am now also a licensed M1 driver. Thanks for the great site and keep up the great work."
     - Mike C., Garson, OntarioApril 9, 2011

"I only study for 2 days, and I just passed my M1 yesterday with high score. I am glad that I signed up with you guys, otherwise, I would not pass at my first try."
     - Jordan S., Scarborough, OntarioApril 21, 2010

"I thought I'd let you know that I wrote my Ontario M1 Test , and only made one mistake on the whole test!!! I don't think I could have done so well had I not used your system as a study aid. Thanks for making this possible I know I never would have passed in one try with out Pass The Wheel!!"
     - Richard H., Vittoria, OntarioMay 25, 2011

"This site gave me great preparation for the M1 test which I passed this morning. I got one wrong on each of the three tests only due to the fact I was sleepy from my night shift. Many of the motorcycle questions on this site were on the written exam. Thanks for the heads up about the G1 traffic rules and knowledge of road signs. I would highly recommend this site to anyone. Thank you very much!!!"
     - Marco B., Sault Ste. Marie, OntarioMarch 28, 2011

"This website is no joke. I signed up on this site and then practiced the M1 tests for 2 days without opening the handbook once. I passed! The questions for traffic signs and traffic rules were bang on. The motorcycle questions were a little different - but some of the questions from this site were on it. This site gives you the confidence and the ability to look for the answer. Many, many, thanks for helping me get on my way."
     - Fiona F., Orleans, OntarioAugust 12, 2010

"I decide to take the course online too... and was very happy about it .. I learn alot and pass my test very easily.. I recommended to everybody. Thanks for offering this site!!! Good luck to everyone ;)"
     - Sylvie B., Kapuskasing, OntarioJune 1, 2011

"Just wrote the M1 exam and was successful. The practice questions and road sign exam were definitely key in my success."
     - Lise P., Ottawa, OntarioJune 4, 2010

"Excellent site, passed M1 easily using the reference material and testing features. Thanks!"
     - Tracy C., Guelph, OntarioJuly 12, 2010

"This site is well worth it. I took my M1 test today, and almost all the Questions on the test where on your site. I passed no problem. Great job helping out our fellow riders begin there journey. I recommend this site to anyone. Thanks!"
     - Candy M., Thunder Bay, OntarioJune 2, 2010

"Excellent site!! Most of the practice questions are on the actual test. I passed my M1 with 100% thanks to this site. Thanks."
     - Ernie D., Elliot Lake, OntarioApril 21, 2010

"I have had my G license for 39 years, I promised myself I would get my motorcycle license before my 55th birthday. Today I took the test and passed. Thanks because I would have failed for sure without your practice tests. By far the best money I ever spent."
     - Tony A., Hamilton, OntarioApril 20, 2010

"I wrote the test and passed today with flying colours, your pre-test was right on."
     - Terry G., Roseneath, OntarioApril 21, 2011

"I practiced the test questions in preparation for my M1 for 2 weeks. Today I wrote my Ministry Test and passed easily on my first attempt. I wrote with confidence after preparing with your questions. Thank you for this terrific service."
     - Dale G., Ajax, OntarioFebruary 26, 2010

"This site is fantastic. I joined on Tuesday night, did the practice tests and wrote the M1 on Friday. I was surprised to see that most of the questions I practised were on the actual test. I passed easily, first try. Thank You very much, I couldn't have done it without you."
     - Dave G., Wasaga Beach, OntarioFebruary 7, 2009

"I registered for your program on Friday wrote it all weekend and went this morning Monday to write my M1 I got 100% on the test!!!!! Thanks! I'm now on the road. :)"
     - Lorna F., Woodlawn, OntarioAugust 11, 2008

"I would like to say that your website is fantastic. I became a member and practised the with your sample M1 tests until I got it perfect. Today I am proud to say that I passed my M1 written test with the MTO with no problems. Your site was a big part of this. Thank you and please continue with the great work.
     - Enrico G., Bolton, OntarioJuly 2, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed my M1 drivers exam and wanted to say thank you for the helpful services provided."
     - Abigail S., Ottawa, OntarioApril 11, 2006

"Excellent site!! Well worth the money. Most of the practise questions are on the actual test. I passed my M1 thanks to this site. Thanks"
     - Christopher R., Toronto, OntarioAugust 10, 2006

"Thanks to this site I passed my M1 on the first try. This is a great place to study."
     - Carmine S., North York, OntarioJune 15, 2009

"I successfully passed the M1 written exam on the first attempt. Thanks, PasstheWheel, for the great confidence booster. The road signs portion of the test was bang on! The questions from the road test were easily recognizable. The motorcycle portion was noticeably different, but the preparation provided by your sample questions allowed me to focus on the key portions of the booklet, so a great study aid. Thanks again!"
     - Eric J., Ottawa, OntarioMarch 15, 2010

"I signed up August 12th and wrote the M1 test August 17th and passed in the first attempt. 1 wrong on the Motorcycle knowledge, none wrong on the signs and a few wrong (all G1 questions) on the general knowledge G test. [...] Not a huge issue, as this did not affect my PASSING THE FIRST TIME! Thanks! Very helpful!"
     - Bill P., Brampton, OntarioAugust 18, 2010

"Exceptional Site. I studied for 1 day and only got 96% on the exam."
     - Jeff D., Waterloo, OntarioAugust 30, 2010

"Just wanted to say Thanks, at age 60 your web site was a great experience, it not only help me pass the M1 motorcycle exam on the first try, even though some of the questions are worded differently it allowed me to understand the new questions, it was also a great refresher for someone who's been driving for 45 years, it has brought me up to speed on current traffic regulations, even though I had read both books 3 times. Not sure how I would have done without the practise. thanks again."
     - David V., Whitby, OntarioMarch 27, 2012

"I'm a busy guy and just never made the time to get the motorcycle handbook. Signing up for the tests was easy and I passed my M1 test pretty easily. The practice tests did a pretty good job of preparing me for the real test. All things considered, purchasing the access to the online tests was a good investment."
     - Mark K., Thorold, OntarioMarch 21, 2012

"Just wanted to thank you for the great site. Passed test and got my M1. Thanks a million."
     - John R., St. Catharines, OntarioJune 10, 2012

* Name withheld due to customer request

Driver Testimonials - Ontario Class A & AZ Practice Test

"I wrote my AZ exam last week and passed. Studying the practice question gave me the confidence knowing that the information would prepare me for the exam and I was right. This is my second time using PASSTHEWHEEL and just wanted to let you know it works for me."
     - Brian T. McCready Mar 31,2016

"I just wanted to let you know that I am AZ driver and that I have not driven tractor trailer in over 10 years but always kept up my classAZ status.Because of your help I wrote my test today and passed with an almost perfect score. Thank you so much for your help I know I could not of passed those tests without your help.Thanks again."
     - Rick., Oct 26,2015

"The website made the tests 100% easier for ACZ written tests Lots of great learning info to make you pass the test with ease ! Would recommend this to anyone who doesn't do tests every day or study well. Highly recommend to older AZ drivers . Will learn lots !"
     - Kirk C., Ontario Oct 26,2015

"I didn't know I had to write the A and Z tests until 2 weeks before my renewal. I bought the books, but the reading was dull and kept putting me to sleep!I found your site and signed up right away. With only 1 week to prepare I was able to pass all 4 tests with only 1 incorrect answer! Amazing. Thanks for the excellent preparation. Pass the Wheel gave me the confidence I needed to renew my license by passing the first time.Also, your statistics seemed correct... while waiting for my tests to be corrected I saw at least 50% of the young drivers fail the test. They should have checked out your website.
Thanks again"
     - Nicholas A., OntarioJan 5, 2015

Antonio L., Glen Robertson, Ontario

"Thank you for this outstanding test that made my life headaches free, 3 days of studying on line, the test day passed with only 3 errors and that was because I doubted my answers. If you want to pass, go for this program - it is worth it! Trust the public who took this test."
     - Antonio L., Glen Robertson, OntarioMarch 6, 2011

Robert S., Hamilton, Ontario

"Thank you for providing an effective and efficient training tool that allows you to write with confidence. I was only one answer short of a perfect score when I wrote my A test today."
     - Robert S., Hamilton, OntarioMarch 27, 2012

Robin F., Renfrew, Ontario

"Just to let you know, I had a perfect score for my 'AZ' license renewal (Had your tests for 4 days). Never had a perfect score as I tend to panic before any type of test. Thanks. Yes, I reccomended to some of my co-drivers."
     - Robin F., Renfrew, OntarioMarch 12, 2012

"I used the test pages for 2 days for my AZ test and not only did I pass, I got 100% on everthing. Thanks!"
     - Mike M., Mississauga, OntarioJuly 27, 2011

"This is the best site I have ever used for any kind of training! This site will make you pass the real test! If you do good there is no way you will fail the real thing at the test center. Thank you so much Pass The Wheel for helping me get a great and safe start to my new job a truck driver!!!"
     - Abe S., Chatham, OntarioFebruary 29, 2012

"I passed my A test and signs no problem. I just read the question and knew the answer. Now I need the air brake course for A license. Thank you for this site."
     - Bert W., Strathroy, OntarioOctober 11, 2011

"Passed my ABM-Z first try. I've had an ABM-Z licence for many years but I was always very nervous about renewing. But this year after buying Pass The Wheel and studding I nailed it first time. Thanks to a great product, it was a win. Thanks Again!"
     - Peter C., Welland, OntarioNovember 22, 2011

"Studied for my AZ for 2 days. Wrote all tests within 10 minutes, got 1 wrong. Questions on test were identical to those here. Perfect. Saved lots of time and angst."
     - Robert M., Lucan, OntarioMarch 2, 2012

"Thanks folks. I just completed my AZ knowledge test and Aced it! I got a perfect score! Every one of the questions on the test was included in the test questions on your site. It made it so much easier, and for the first time I went into the test with complete confidence that I would pass easily. It was money well spent."
     - Don J., Caledon, OntarioApril 17, 2012

"I made the best decision to go with pass the wheel. For classes ACZ I studied just for 2 days and got 100% on all 3. Money well spent. Thank you Pass the Wheel."
     - Reza H., Toronto, OntarioMay 9, 2012

"I must Thank You for giving me the knowledge that I have forgotten over the years.. I was so confident when I had to do my test today.. As I watch others struggled, I was done within 10 mins with a perfect score..So well worth the money..Thank you again..see u in 5 yrs."
     - Roseanne P., Barrie, OntarioJuly 11, 2012

"Passed with 100% on all test, thank you, this worth every bit, I recomend it totally!"
     - John R., Keewatin, OntarioAugust 30, 2012

"Passed with 100%. Well worth the money and will be back in 5 years, thanks!"
     - Peter D., Stayner, OntarioSeptember 28, 2012

"I did pass the written test yesterday. Thank you!!!"
     - Chris M., London, OntarioNovember 13, 2012

"You guys have done amazing job by starting this kind of practice tests which is really awesome. I passed with full marks in one go. Keep it up guys..."
     - Tejinder G., London, OntarioMarch 8, 2013

"I took my AZ test yesterday and for the first time I went over the question and they all looked familiar, what a good feeling. I passed the test with no problem. I just wanted to confirm that your system does work. Thanks!"
     - Brian M., Whitby, OntarioMarch 30, 2013

"I have a ABM-Z I used PassTheWheel in 2011 and aced the test. Bought again in November 2014 and aced it again 100%. Great product, And I'll use it again next time."
     - Peter C.,December 2, 2014

Driver Testimonials - Ontario Class D & DZ Practice Test

"Love it. Its very use full site and helps you to pass the test easily.100% ...I am very satisfied and happy to register here and I just practice 2 days and passed the exam."
     - Najeeb J., Ontario Nov 20, 2015

After going over the exams for 7 days, I challenged the "D" licence and was awarded with a 100% score. Fantastic program.
     - Tom O.,June 7, 2015

Darryl B., Nepean, Ontario

"Just wrote my D class and scored 100%. Two others failed. PassThe Wheel online course absolutely the best way to study."
     - Darryl B., Nepean, OntarioMarch 22, 2013

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Driver Testimonials - Ontario Air Brake Z Endorsement Practice Test

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Driver Testimonials - California Class C DMV Permit Practice Exam

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